5 Benefits of Giving Interactive Toys to Dogs

5 Benefits of Giving Interactive Toys to Dogs

Dogs in their natural habitat are very agile and adventurous animals with high levels of curiosity. Pet dogs, living in a restricted environment, need a lot of mental and physical stimulation, failing which they get bored and stressed. Their boredom and subsequent stress lead to behaviour problems like excessive barking, chewing, digging and other destructive behaviour. Interactive toys are a great solution for your pet’s mental, emotional and physical health. Some examples of interactive toys for dogs are rubber toys, puzzles, balls with bells, etc. Here are 5 benefits of using interactive toys for dogs that furrprise has summarized.

Provide physical exercise for your pet 

Dogs kept indoors may have less opportunity to jump and run. Playing with interactive toys can develop balance, speed, accuracy, and even help in sensory development. For adult dogs, playing with interactive toys gives them a reason to move and hence exercise their muscles and joints. 

Satisfy natural instincts

Interactive toys encourage your pet to find hidden food, thus satisfying their natural instincts to hunt and forage. Following orders and solving puzzles also helps to stimulate their brains. Solving problems helps to strengthen your pet’s mental faculties, reducing the chance of dementia in later life. 

Reduce Stress 

Pet dogs tend to get bored and frustrated since their movement is limited. Interactive toys reduce boredom and give them something to do. Playing with you is entertaining for them since they get a lot of attention from you. Even when they are home alone, these toys can keep them busy and entertained. 

Builds better relationships 

Playing together will make your relationship with your pet more intimate and your pet will love and trust you more. This method is also effective when your friends or family come visiting. They can use interactive toys to get closer to your dog. You can also use this method when you have several dogs at home, let them play together so the dogs will get along better with each other. You can give them food or snacks later as a reward. 

Corrects Deviant Behaviour 

Interactive play is an effective way to prevent and correct behaviour problems. If you have several dogs at home who often fight, invite them to play together using interactive toys. This will help them focus more on play and not attack the other dogs. Playing together will form a positive relationship amongst dogs. If your pet often attacks, bites, or scratches other family members, playing with interactive toys will channelise their energy into positive and acceptable behaviours. 

Those were 5 benefits of giving interactive toys to dogs. You can get interactive toys at furrprise. We curate special boxes that will cater to the evolving needs of your pet. Each box is customized based on your pet's life stage, needs, and physical characteristics. Unbox your monthly party box with your pet and enjoy the delights we deliver!