Why furrprise?

Why should you subscribe?

furrprise is a first-of-its-kind service that provides

  1. Enrichment focused toys & treats for happy & well-settled furrFriends
  2. Curated by veterinarians and behavioral experts to meet the highest safety standards
  3. Cutomized options to meet your special needs
  4. Big savings of upto 50% compared to retail prices
  5. Hassle-free delivery to your doorsteps, so you can spend more time with your furrFriend


Why do we focus on Enrichment?

  • Under-stimulated pets are at a risk of behavioural problems like  destructive behaviour, destroying furniture, digging, excessive barking (dogs), attention seeking behaviours, running away from home, and also stereotypic and compulsive behaviours. 
  • Enrichment toys can help to improve these problem behaviours. This leads not only to reduction of stereotypic, aggressive and fearful behaviour but also leads to improved cognition and memory. 
  • We recommend starting with food and play toys, before moving on to other games, puzzles and tasks that stimulate your pet both physically and mentally. It’s important to keep rotating the toys to maintain their interest.

         Read our blog post for more information on Enrichment


What's in the box?

  • Atleast 2 toys
  • Atleast 2 healthy but delicious treats
  • Occasional grooming or training accessories
  • Recipes, activities, health & grooming tips
  • Questions answered by veterinary professionals*

         *with select subscription plans


How much do our furrFriends love furrprise?